Chantal Louise Skin creates more confidence in your own skin, so that you are able to leave the house without makeup on. Are you excited!? I AM! 

In my late teens- early 20’s I suffered from acne. I used to avoid leaving the house because I felt so ugly and ashamed of my skin. I was hiding in a shell. No one or treatment actually helped my skin and it seemed no one cared about how it made me feel. Read the rest of my story here.

I created Chantal Louise Skin Therapy, because I know how it feels to feel embarrassed, confused and ashamed of my own skin. 

Although my business is solely focused on facials and skin results, it is also about creating strong, independent and confident women.

Chantal Louise Skin Therapy makes people feel cared for and gives honest advice about their skin and results. 

I can’t wait to meet you and help YOU to feel so much more confident and in no time, you will be leaving that house without make up on. I’m so excited!! 


Chantal provides 5 star service! Highly recommend!


Chantal is a wonderful skin and beauty therapist, looking forward to having amazing treatments at the new salon.