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At Chantal Louise Skin Therapy you can expect high standard eyelash extensions. In 2011, Chantal achieved her eyelash certificate in England. She previously owned her own mobile lash business and went on to be a national trainer for eyelash extensions.  The health of your natural lashes is a priority at Chantal Louise Skin.

The extensions are applied with an adhesive onto your natural lash and fall out with your own natural lash fall out. Refills are recommended every 2-3 weeks to maintain your extensions. During the infill appointment the lash extensions are applied onto your new lashes that have come through.

Full Set Classic $130

Refills from $80

Natural mascara look

classic eyelash extensions

Individual lash extensions applied onto one natural lash. Lengthens and thickens natural lashes to give that natural mascara look.

Full Set Hybrid $170

Refills from $100

Natural textured look

hybrid lashes

A hybrid set involves a mix of individual lash extension mixed with volume extensions. The volume extensions are hand-made by Chantal and consist of three very fine lashes applied onto one natural lash. With this set you will achieve a natural textured look with a bit of added thickness.

Full Set Volume $199

Refills from $120

Hand made volume lashes to create a light, fluffy and fuller look

Volume eyelash extensions

Choose from a natural look or a more dramatic look. Chantal hand makes her own lash fans. Volume lash fans consist of 3-6 very fine lash extensions. Once finished, you will have a beautiful light, fluffy and fuller look.

Eyelash Extensions Care

Before your lash appointment:

  • Come with clean lashes. Avoid coming with mascara, oils or creams on your lashes
  • If you’re coming for refills ensure it is not longer than 2-3 weeks from your last refill. Any refills after this time may be charged as a full set.

After Care

  • Avoid applying mascara to lash extensions. Mascara dissolves the lash adhesive causing the extensions to fall out earlier than normal
  • Use only water based products around the eyes. Avoid oil based cleansers as the oil will break down the adhesive causing the extensions to fall out earlier than normal
  • Avoid any water to the eyes for 24 hours
  • Don’t pick or pull at lashes.
  • If you’re not happy with the application, contact Chantal to safely remove the lashes without damaging your natural lashes

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